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Build a FREE website - site building course from WordPress
Website Building Courses Using Open Source
(Updated: February 05, 2017)
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Thank you thank you thank you

Hello Uri my friend!
It’s taken me awhile to type up this thank you, but I knew I had to as it’s something you very much deserve. About a year ago I signed up to the mailing list for your WordPress website building course. It was another half a year until I plucked up the courage to actually try it out.
I am so grateful - At the beginning it seemed way beyond me, I thought it would be too hard. But! I persevered, followed your clear, explanatory videos and, in the end, I had built my site with WordPress.
Looking back now it was so simple and, as someone who had websites with Joomla and Drupal and was wasting a lot money every month on web developers, I am happy to have built my own sites from scratch.
I have no doubt that you have expanded my opportunities and I’m so glad that I’ve now got these skills under my belt.
A massive thanks for everything

Here are links to the sites I’ve built completely on my own, don’t worry! It’s easy, fun and will save you tons money every year!

Thank you

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